The Marsh Robert Group (MRG) offers an unparalleled level of personalized consulting services to aid overseas clients considering obtaining and maintaining one or multiple Real Estate Investment properties in the United States of America.

The Marsh Robert Group is your personal team providing boots on the ground professional services and vital research and analysis for overseas investors seeking Real Estate investment opportunities in the United States of America.

MRG works in association with leading companies such as, real estate, financial institutions, law firms, federal, state agencies to ensure at the highest quality service is provided at all times. MRG provides that guarantee your investment property is titled, recorded and secured under United State ownership laws and guidelines. Now you can bundle all your needs with a company that provides all the services, important research, and analysis, property management, and marketing.

We do all the work, we are your team

Imagine that you are considering investing in American Real Estate. The first question would be, where do I begin? With MRG, you simply select the type of Real Estate investment you are considering. The team at MRG will then provide you with detailed reports and analysis, pictures, video on current Real Estate opportunities.

Don’t lose out on a great opportunity

The Real Estate market is quickly recovering in the United States but there are still outstanding opportunities for the professionally trained eye. We all know most of the very best opportunities can come up at any time. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your personal MRG Consultant has boots on the ground seeking out and researching all requested opportunities?

Can you be two places at the same time?

Most investors will tell you that they sure wish they would have known of that great investment opportunity or had the time to review the information. The team at MRG will continually seek out opportunities that meet your profile and keep you updated on all opportunities, current, and even future and pending.

MRG works with leading property management services to ensure your investment is professionally managed and maintained to the highest standards.

Whether you are seeking long term or short term Real Estate opportunities in the United States. MRG can handle your needs from aiding in locating an investment property, overseeing the purchase, maintaining and if needed reselling, marketing said investment.