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MARSH ROBERT GROUP                                                                                       Your Personal Consultant to America
MARSH ROBERT GROUP                                                                                        Your Personal Consultant to America
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The team at Marsh Robert Group recognizes the concerns and challenges confronted when even considering making any type of an investment in a foreign country.  Although the United States has some of the World’s strongest land ownership laws to insure true ownership, there are still other concerns  and considerations when purchasing real property in any foreign country.

MRG is your state side team, your specialist, your eyes and ears, your boots on the ground  serving and overseeing your best interest. The MRG team works in association with top professionals in the real estate and financial industry, federal, state, a local agencies to insure your investment property is titled, recorded, and secured under United State ownership laws and regulations. 

MRG has bundled all the vital services you need to rest assure at that the right investment property is located, fully researched and it needed maintained to the highest professional standards.

Services Preformed

  • The MRG team works with its clients to build a profile to determine the type of investment property, establish a price goal, any special needs and property location.

  • The team at MRG will conduct ongoing extensive research on potential investment opportunities. Clients receive a weekly report highlighting properties on interest with detailed data on each potential properties. This data will include property asking price, property history, pictures, video and a legal description as record in state or federal records.  When a potential property as been determined, a property walk through video is produced along with state title records, additional picture and any further property information.

  • If at any point our client would like to place an offer to purchase a property, MRG works with a licensed real estate agent who will present an offer to purchase said property. The client always has the option to visit the property and if so, MRG will schedule all lodging arrangements, and provide transporting to all investment properties to be viewed.

  • At no time will MRG except or handle any of your purchasing funds. You personally, or your legal counsel works directly with a state licensed Real Estate Firm as well as a state licensed Escrow Company who will handle all transactions and the title and recording of said property. MRG is your team on the ground to review and oversee see the entire process.

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